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A New Hope...

Trying to re-invent yourself can be a chore, a bore and sometimes it can be done for the wrong reasons...

Once upon a time I had 9 schools booking me around christmas time, was invited to at least 4 school open days and fetes and had at the least 1 or 2 bookings every couple of months. Then it just stopped. Nothing for a whole year. Then two years. Nada.

Not bitter or twisted about it. I can only think I got stale, I also did everything myself, studio time, post production, printing, building canvases, sales, after-sales, websites, updating everything, emails after emails.

These were all part of the job. Sometimes I could be sat for 20 hours in front of the computer somedays, but I loved it.

Or Maybe its because I'm a bloke and get on with the kids (I'm also a dad to two daughters, and I am the biggest kid going, so nothing to fear) or perhaps social media was to blame for people not buying prints. People didn't care proofs were watermarked, they just wanted to show them off on whichever social page they were using... I just don't know. I can tell you that I put on a couple of free photo shoot's to push my school photography forward... 2 families turned up (you know who you are and I thank you) In the end I had no clients coming forward for work.

Whatever the reasons, I want to start over. Go again. See if I can build up a decent sized client base. Keep them coming back. Maybe get into something different.

Today is the first day doing all these things. So I'll be plotting, snapping, blogging, huffing and puffing till I make that first step and get that 1st booking in nearly 3 years.

Just incase anyone reading this doesn't know my niche. I would say this. I'm great with kids, not bad with pets. I can boss a studio, though I can't get 15 of you in :) I even go underwater. Perhaps meet you on your favourite walk or could even be there on your wedding day.

To those that know me personally, or remember me... I'd like your feedback, ideas, interests, shares, likes and most of all your support.

Now if you'll excuse me. I have a world to conquer ;)

(wish me luck)


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