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Still got it :)

So, Just got back from my first photoshoot in years... loved it. Great to be back out there again and not in the studio either. Even better.

We needed photos for grandma. people were coming from all over the place for the shoot and I was worried about the weather. Thanks to the photography gods it didn't rain.

Luckily, we had a great location to shoot in, which turned out to be somewhere in a field in Stoughton, Leicestershire and the greens and browns of the landscape really added to the backdrop.

It was also the first time I'd had an assistant with me... my 10 year old daughter, who carried bags and lenses for me and held onto all the outdoor lighting. She was my hero that day xx

The shoot went well and the people were all friendly and provided cakes and coffee at the end. I could get used to that after every shoot. Hint- hint :)

Just waiting on a model release form from one of the parents and then I can show you all what I got from the hour long shoot.

Looking forward to the next one now... whenever that is :)

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